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We get lucky sometimes. WHISKEY TEXAS is a long-running underground freight train moniker zine from a highly active mark maker. His deep history with the rails is evident by the quality of the marks captured in these volumes and their arrangement into visually pleasing sets (sometimes themed; cats, dogs, birds, R.I.P., ten-gallon hats, and more...). Now we can share our good luck with you through these two giant zines, made the way that zines should be made. Each photo was printed, cut to size, and arranged by hand. The resulting products are crisply printed tributes to those who spend their hours crunching ballast and dodging the tower, tapping oil bars on steel giants through rain, snow, or sweltering Texas heat. 

Whiskey is an old school punk with infomation to share. There are reviews records from lesser known 80's punk bands; Verbal Assult, Adrenalin O.D., Sons of Ishmael, and Capitol Punishment, as well as a review of a live show from FEAR and The Rev. Horton Heat. He also includes some adventure photos of recent travels to East Texas, Florida, and New Orleans. In this section, his focus remains on old train stuff, graffiti, and decaying things. All this makes for special seasoning salt on top of a giant pot of freight train moniker stew... PAGES and PAGES and PAGES of clever drawings, road names, and time wasters from across this railroad earth. 


  • hand numbered

    first edition of 150
    Two different GIANT zines (70 pages & 58 pages) double sided black and white printing on copy paper, staple bound, punk - 5.5" x 8.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design & production : WHISKEY TEXAS - 2024
    Republic of Texas, USA

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