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This zine contains documentation of graffiti painted in Buffalo, Toronto, and New York City over the last five years. It's a personal zine, in that the photos do not focus on any one type of graffiti but instead show a wide interest in all kinds of vandalism. There are glass store fronts covered in marker, spray, etch, and dust tags, street level bombing, and rooftop piecing. There are freight train pieces interspersed on the same pages with peeling hidden pieces from Atak & Hert and highly Instagrammed roller pieces from Texas & Gane.


What this zine lacks in focus, it makes up for in heart. Teddy comes across as a hungry observer of graffiti culture, who respects all kinds of getting up. He flattens the visual plane by turning everything greyscale and levels the playing field by putting hard-bodied legends next to mentally ill scrawlers. The commonality being that the images were worth taking and reproducing into this five year grab bag of graffiti. 


Guess that all photos are images of what once was.


  • signed and numbered

    first edition of 40
    28 page double sided black and white printing on glossy paper, staple bound - 8.5" x 11" (magazine sized)

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design & production: TEDDY WIELEBA - 2024
    New York, USA

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