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Wave The Banner is a group art zine curated by moniker artist, photographer, and zine maker, LAMPS. These kinds of compilation zines are only as good as the theme, the individual artists, and the sequencing. What could sometimes feel disjointed or inconsistent can be remedied by a good vision of the whole. This one has it's high points and low points, but maintains a steady connection to freight trains and bold illustrations. 


There are nice pages from Josh Pratt, pairing a railroad track through the woods with a meandering river in the countryside. Asbestosbreth contributed two great photos of train riders pulling their body up along a mid-level gondola, peaking over the lip at a rock wall zooming by. Impeach has five hand-drawn postal labels including some of his familiar monikers and insightful sign off poetry. Jack Cackovic included some sparse line drawings of views between closely parked trains in a yard, and Wendel enlarged two polaroids; one of a silhouette of someone climbing a signal pole way above the viewer and the other of a person streaking a long line of trains that bend around a curve, dissapearing in the distance. 


This is a strong first effort from Wave The Banner. Grab a copy to get ahold of new work from artists that you know, and also to come in contact with new artists that you have never met before. 


  • comes with four printed stickers from Wave The Banner
    hand numbered, first edition of 100

    38 page double sided color/bw mixed printing on laser paper with a hand-embellished cover, staple bound - 5.5" x 8.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    contributions : A Nony Mouse, Adam Void, WC Bevan, Lamps, Kwiz, Josh Pratt, Beth Nelson, K Salem, Brick Face, Hence, Aneko, FunBrie, Asbestosbreth, Impeach, Jack Cackovic, Wendel, Landon Sheely, Luke Welling, Aubrie Van Zant, M. West Muse, and Mary Palmer - 2023
    production : Lamps art - 2023

    Western PA, USA

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