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West Coast freight dreams seem golden under the California sun, while the words of the past ring in our heads. Somedaywhenthingsarebetter is the new breed that knows it's roots. This zine captures canyons, wild horses, mountain passes, and the great shining ocean; all views from the tracksides that have been ridden and explored for over a hundred years. There are pics of streaks from Twist & Matokie, Bozo Texino & Herby, action shots from John Easley & Ichabod, and water tower carvings from the 1920's.

This zine drips with inspiration from the greats. It makes you want to know more, see the sights, and live the life. Springtime is approaching. Pack your bag. Adventure awaits.

Contains excerpts from the following texts:

A land so fair and bright (1938) - Russ Hofvendahl
John Easleys - The Ogden Line
You Can't Win - Jack Black
Jack Kerouac - On the road
Life and adventures of A--No.1, Americas Most Celebrated Tramp
Bindle Stiff (1985)



  • comes with a printed sticker from AWOL

    first edition of 100 copies, hand numbered
    52 page full color printing, perfect bound - 8.5" x 5.5"

    design & production : @somedaywhenthingsarebetter - 2023
    Railroad Earth, USA

    ** Postage paid in the US **

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