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We finally got our hands on a few copies of this beautifully printed and highly thought provoking zine from the Brisith writer, illustrator, and thinker; Simon Moreton. Looks interesting, but why is it at Cut In The Fence?


  •  Simon easily channels the cut and paste aesthetic of early zines while integrating his unique brushed ink illustration style. Filtered through risograph printing, this process feels punk & DIY while also being elevated and delicate.
  • The writing itself covers the theme of historic strategic interventions with the land, where ancient peoples built mounds and rings, planted trees and groves, dug lakes and canals in lines and arrangements that may have been used for wayfinding, communication with the gods, or even possibly some aesthetic or artistic purposes. 
  • It references the writing of Alfred Watkins and his theory of "leys", which he saw as strategic pathways and markmaking in and on the earth. 


In the United States, I often look at the layout of the railroads and the palimpsests of old elevated mounds that still exist after the tracks have been removed. We can look at our early highways that followed earlier wagon trails, that followed earlier Native American pathways (sometimes marked with intentionally bent and twisted trees that showed the way). 


My hope is that some next-level graffiti artists will pick this up and make some new innovation in our game; giant rock clusters spelling out names similar to the Nasca Lines or the Hollywood Sign, big wooden structures on the hillside like the early pieces from SF's Bigfoot or the white painted Ghost Bikes memorializing those killed by cars. What's next?


  • first edition
    24 pages, double sided gold and green risograph printing on nice paper, staple bound - 5" x 7.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design: Simon Moreton - 2020
    production: Czap Books & Grindstone Comics - 2020
    Bristol, UK

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