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Enter the "Trans European Structure Analysis" Volume One: an absolutely essential book for freight heads, conceptual graffers, and/or anti-style innovators. Bobby Bianchi (wrote the text for the MOBY book **still in stock**) shows his full form in this revolutionary analysis of euro freight graffiti through pages of warm super nerdy cargo flicks that are suspended in a techy neo-analysis mode with supplementary text at every turn. It feels simultaneously computer-driven new school and gritty subway-era old school at the same time. This is the cutting edge of international freight culture. 

I met Bobby while he and a few others were hopping trains through America. He breathes deeply the metal shaving filled air from the railroad's tramp past. Bobby lives this shit and is super dedicated to the craft. We are so pleased to offer these few copies state-side of this artifact worthy document. Enjoy!


  • first edition of 50, hand signed
    88 page full color printing with a super heavy cover. Hand bound with a unique photo print on each cover - 12.5" x 9.5"

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    design & production : Bobby Bianchi 230 - 2022
    Swiss/German/French (Option C) borderlands, Europa

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