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We love a good minizine, and this one here from Canadian mail art and railroad old timer, KWIZ, is great. KWIZ has a grip on this format with intricately detailed illustrations of do-it-yourself skate obstacles paired with well drawn text. The vibe is pre pro skater and more Thrashin'. Building trick spots with hand mixed concrete. Cutting up with a battery operated grinder and putting back together with a tack welder. Skate Obstacles is a fun zine that will hopefully inspire you to re-think your surroundings.



SKU: 0007
  • second edition of 50 copies
    hand numbered
    one page double sided b/w printing folded into a perfect minizine, with inside poster - 2.75" x 4.25"

    ** Postage paid in the US **
    >> Free shipping on International orders when grouped with another zine <<

    design : KWIZ - 2022
    production : Cut In The Fence - 2022
    Hope, Canada

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