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Skate Days are here again. This DIY skateboarding zine from Barcelona features a ton of highly skilled skaters and artists (artistskaters?) musing on the recent addition of skateboarding into the Olympic games in 2020. The movement as an inherently illegal, subversive, and countercultural activity and not a sport, per se.
Drake shruggs off Olympic fashion models and nods to a Kids-era skater clique at Love Park.

There are plenty of sequences and stunt shots here, but the vibe is more like a never ending Toy Machine ad remix than a legit magazine. Produced in a limited number on the other side of the world, you gotta get your hands on this and close the loop.

Comes with a printed sticker from Skate Days



SKU: 0026
  • Comes with a printed sticker from Skate Days

    first edition of 70, hand numbered
    44 page black risograph printing on alternating yellow and peach paper - 5.75" x 8"

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    design & production : Skate Days Zine - 2021
    Barcelona, Spain

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