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We've been a fan of Skate Days since we first heard of them a few years/issues ago. Now, we finally got our hands on a few copies of this utopian design skateboard zine from Barcelona, Spain. Every page feels more like the subversive advertisements in a golden age Transworld than a traditional skate mag. Skate Days compiles the talents of 17 skateboarding artists and designers to make a very cohesive but unique visual sampling. There are traditional stop motion sequences, DIY ramps constructed inside cathedrals, scenes with brushed ink, and high airs launched from giant iron halfpipes (& fullpipes).

Take this opportunity to get a copy of this super limited edition skate zine from the other side of the world without paying for crazy high shipping costs. The production quality is nice and clean with risograph greytones and ben day dots texturing the smooth light purple paper. skate on skater.



SKU: 0043
  • first edition of 80, hand numbered
    48 page black risograph printing on lavender paper - 5.75" x 8"

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    design & production : Skate Days Zine - 2021
    Barcelona, Spain

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