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 50 photocopied pages, slam-jammed with high contrast graffiti action. Big fluffy throwies and bombing from the rolldowns of Barcelona. Drippy mop tags on ancient doorways and spray tags on the bottom of Cerrajeros sticker covered shutters. Straight letter pieces on Renfe engines, european freights; tarp covered, clunky metal hoppers, and autoracks with panels. Many photos from Reus and Tarragona, gorgeous historic cities located South from Barcelona on the coast. 


Moniker action shots from Mufi, Denim, Kemto, and Kathy, with lots more trackside tomfoolery. Theres even a few pages of what is clearly 90s era pieces and monster freaks somehow preserved on concrete block walls. We can't say more about this inspirational zine. It retains a punk influence while shining strange anti-styles and damaging crushers page after packed page. 


  • comes with a small hand drawn sticker from MUFI

    first edition of 100, hand signed and dated
    50 page double sided black and white printing, staple bound - 6" x 8.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design:MUFI DE TERRACO

    production: L.P.A. BOOKS - 2023

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