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With every issue I'm wondering when he's gonna run out of old school flicks. I assume he's got shoeboxes stacked to the ceiling with classic shit I've never seen. Serious Business #17 is as good or better than any of their previous zines. California golden age graffiti at its finest. So many great photos... AMAZE from '96 with TIE hollows below, early CRAE panels on some harvest colored flatside boxcar, that classic rooftop sign crushed by GKAE, SOME, GREY, SABER, and REVOK. All of these photographed on 35mm point and shoot on film from the early 00's in all their grainy glory. The page layout theory is strong, with hardcopies scanned on top of piles of flicks. Just like it used to feel when you looked at graff before the internet. This zine feels like a blast from the past because it is one. Sunny West Coast in the height of it's glory. Raw lean-downs and tags litter the trackside while VEKS sits, ever present on the rooftop.



  • first edition of 60, hand numbered
    46 page full color printing with a glossy color cover - 8.5" x 5.5"

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    design & production : Serious Business Magazine - 2023
    California, USA

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