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We have no clue what the rabbit is about. Maybe its a way to throw off people on the subway so they dont know you're reading a graffiti zine. Maybe its an Alice in Wonderland reference that we can't connect. You know, its what's on the inside that counts...

There are walls from VEGAN, MIZE, ABHOR, and KIDS. Tags from KR (97), AMAZE, and TWIST (96). Freights from NACE, SEEN, and SIGH. All these names to say that the zine flips between the mid 90s and today, centered around the Cali lens. The skies are blue, and the panels are bleached. 35mm in the air, like you just don't care.



SKU: 0015
  • first edition of 70, hand titled and numbered
    44 page full color printing with a glossy cover - 6" x 9"

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    design & production : Serious Business Magazine - 2022
    California, USA

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