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Pennsylvania's poet laureate, Paul Gorman, returns with his third release with Cut In The Fence in four years. Senior Summer Moment brings a collection of new writing and photographs detailing life on the edge of sobriety, roaming the side streets, mixing pop culture metaphors with the deepest insights into desperate reality. All of this in the voice of a clever rap tinged old schooler, who has run many miles on a flat tire just to get home.

This is a beautiful zine, with its hand written poems on yellow steno pad paper, photocopied on piles of hardcopy 4'x6' snapshots. Pennsylvania is in full effect here with soft pretzels, Wawa bags, abandoned houses, and dope bags. What makes Senior Summer Moment transcendent is the road trip photos and written accounts of Paul's daughter post-graduation from high school. The feelings of timelessness wrapped into the inevitable progression... of age, of decay, of struggle, of something more than all of this.



SKU: 0018
  • limited edition of 100 copies, hand numbered
    14 page double sided full color on satin paper with cardstock cover - 8.5" x 11"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    content : Paul Gorman - 2022
    production : Cut In The Fence - 2022
    Delco, PA - USA

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