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Here's another beautiful photobook from the UK's Wigtop Welsh, creator of the much-hyped Analog Delinquents series. In this collection, he captures his adventure hopping Mauritania's iron ore train across the Sahara Desert with three of his buddies and a trainload of migrants. The story follows their full trip across the ocean to Morracan claimed territory, Dakhla, down the coast through Western Sahara to the port city of Nouadhibou. Once there, they ride the 33 hour hot snake through sand and iron ore clouds to the mines of Zouerat. After a quick nap, they take the same ride back, this time on a fully loaded train. Quite an epic journey, indeed.


The photos are crystal clear, and give plenty of love to the time on the train while also showing the other necessary aspects of navigating an unknown country. We see minefields, checkpoints, deserted streets filled with bare-bones cinderblock buildings, and the smiling faces of many kind looking locals. If you are even remotely intestested in this bucket list freight ride, you should check this out. It demystifies the process in a positive way, showing that this hop is more than an instagram adventure and instead a of a way of life for the people of Western Africa. 



  • first edition of 100
    66 page double sided color printing on matte paper, perfect bound - 6.7" x 9.6"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design & production: WIGTOP WELSH - 2023
    Nottingham, UK

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