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The city is Ruse in the North of Bulgaria, but it could be anywhere. The kids and the culture both center around the Danube River, with Romania chilling just on the opposite banks. VANDALAMANE has documented the graffiti of this town with a focus on the writers themselves mostly in action shots. There are the familiar tagged up doorways with stacks of buzzers, tall beers & north face jackets, and chrome filled mops, but there is also something kinda different. There are hints of Cyrillic letterforms and shirtless painting sessions on free walls by the river.

Through the digitally collaged 35mm photos, smiling faces, and wild times in this zine, we can all get a glimpse into how some things are universal in this graffiti game. These RIVER KIDZ are splashing bucket paint, smashing vodka bottles, shitting in abandoned buildings, and causing general wreck. Looks like fun. If you are a collector of rare graffiti zines and worldwide graff samples, be sure to get your hands on this one. They aint selling it at your local bookstore.



SKU: 0037
  • comes with two die-cut printed stickers and a screen printed paper bag

    first edition of 50
    hand numbered - DIY produced in Bulgaria
    36 page full color printing on laser paper with a white 80lb cover - 6" x 8.25"

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    design & production: VANDALAMANE - 2021
    Ruse, Bulgaria

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