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Psychic window worldview from the perspective of a Baltimore-based next gen graffer. Some great photos that properly represent the Bmore vibe from rowhomes n freight trains to kudzu fields n MARC trains. The letters all kick out with twisty flows and aggressive extensions just like they should. If you don't really know about all this, then you should definitely check Res Hit.

They searched out some special ancient spots from Erge, Arek and Cycle. A cat was lurking in the tall grass ready to strike. NSF and KPG emerge large on walls and steel. Add cut and paste non-sequiturs from an internet inspired clip art absurdist, and you got yourself a fun and inspiring graffiti zine.



SKU: 0013
  • first edition of 100 copies
    22 page double-sided color printing on laser paper

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design & production : EMON - 2022

    Baltimore, MD

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