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New York City's APVM makes some raw analog media. Their creations feel cutting edge while also correctly refrencing underground currents from the past 50+ years. Their newest cassette tape, COLLECT CALL, mixes drum and bass beats with Jamacian dub freestyles, hypnotic twinkly samples, sirens and synth washes. The rhythm is frantic and twisted, feeling like nighttime clubland broken windows zombie crawling through the filthy streets. If you get into this stuff, there aint none better. 


Like all of the tapes we bring you, these guys are affilliated with the graff game. So, I'm sure that there are plenty of late night missions being fuled by these dirty snaps, cracks, and pops. Check it out on bandcamp to see what's good, but know that the compressed warmth of magnetic tape always makes things better.


  • comes with a printed sticker from APVM

    first edition of 50
    57 minute cassette tape with paper labels and inserts.

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    sounds & production: POISON FROG / APVM - 2023
    NYC, USA

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