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Graffiti gets into conceptual high-art sometimes and can loose it's grittiness, urgency, and importance. You can see this all over the place. But, when you open up this new zine from IOV / Poison Enemy, it will feel both luxurious & curious, while also being raw & real. The printing is super clear and focused, allowing us to see all the details in that chrome piece on a crusty white wall, or the ghosty fill on the big quick throwie. A beautiful zine to add to your collection.

This is one writer's view from the streets, tunnels, and off-roads of Nottingham, UK. IOV / Poison Enemy's style is varied; they will bust a sharp piece, a strong anti-style straight letter, or a next generation conceptual spray. All of them feeling connected while flexing way different muscles. This is a great zine for anyone looking to progress their styles or anyone who wants to transport into the mind of a writer doing something different.



SKU: 0005
  • first edition of 50 copies
    28 page double sided vibrant color printing magazine style with a red cover, staple bound - 8.25" x 11.75"

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    design : @insiders_posse - 2022
    production : Sword & Mirror - 2022
    Nottingham, UK

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