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We're in a special time of graffiti publishing, with lots of new stuff coming out all the time. Many of them paint a common picture of urban graffiti in major city centers. Peroxide Crystal stands apart from these in a unique way. Sure, all the photos are 35mm or Instax. There are bigger east coast cities like NYC, Memphis, and Richmond featured, but most of the goodness comes from their deep look at contemporary graffiti in the New England area. 

They have Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut graff in here; trackside support walls with twisted LINK pieces, local hoppers grilled by YME'rs, old decommissioned flat sides by KET, and HVAC window unit coil destruction from GYER. This is a good one. Get it. 



  • comes with a couple printed stickers and a flier

    first edition of 60, hand numbered
    64 page double sided color printing on laser paper, perfect bound - 6.7" x 9.6"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design & production: PEROXIDE CRYSTAL DISTRO - 2022
    New England, USA

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