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PER ON JO TREPITJO! can be loosely translated as "where i step" from MUFI's native Catalan tongue, and the new zine shows a personal graffiti tour of his home town. The cover with an old photo of MUFI's grandfather lighting up with the Spanish coast behind him. The romance is all here; the roughly torn backgrounds, the insides of local train yards, and flexed letter styles. Monikers and action shots. This is a real reminder that graffiti scenes are everywhere; in towns scattered across the globe.

Mufi represents Tarragona well in this pocket-sized window breaker. Get yerself one. It's cheap.


SKU: 0047
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    first edition of 100 copies
    10 page black and white printing on blue paper - 5.25" x 7"

    design: Mufi de Tarraco - 2020
    production: Cut In The Fence & L.P.A. Books - 2020
    Tarraco, Spain

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