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Over Fences Into Places is packed full of high energy graffiti adventures. Rame and friends stumble through NYC, upstate NY, and Denver painting their names, but more importantly having fun. I know this life well: there are plenty of freights, skate spots, late night parties, and even later night spots. They got beaches and jetpacks, city streets and spliffs, gold chains and chainlinks. If you don't know about Rame, Yem, Orla, Lance, and Imout... consider yourself formally introduced. 


There are plenty of strong styles here. Throws, straight letters, experimental forms, monikers, rollers, and spray tags. Coal trains, tall boxcars, hoppers, tankers, lumber cars, reefers, and box trucks. Stray cats, longhorn cattle, dogs with casts on their feet, halal chickens and ducks, and lots of party animals. Bear witness to the mob. 


  • comes with two hand drawn stickers from RAMER and friends
    first edition of 100

    52 page double sided color printing on glossy paper, perfect bound - 5.5" x 8.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    photos & production : RAMER - 2023
    East Coast, USA

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