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The crush factor in New York is quite high right now. This FIELD REPORT from Sweet Death and Bummer Planet is another sampling of this visual anarchy from one of the main hometowns of the movement. Its not just the graff though, its how the pictures are shot (peeking through fences, under stairways, and above fence lines), and how they are printed (thick well printed risography, ink saturated) that set this zine apart from the pack.

The black and white format accentuates the lines and forms of the letters, rather than leaning on decorative fills. Bet you most of these were painted with just black and white - leaning into the bombing nature of the city. This FIELD REPORT makes NYC look more desirable than I have seen it portrayed in decades. This one's a winner.



SKU: 0027
  • first edition of 200, hand numbered in white out
    66 page black and white risograph printing on high quality paper with black slipsheets and a cardstock cover - 5.75" x 8"

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    design & production : Sweet Death - 2021
    NYC, USA

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