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RAMER's back, with another highly personal view from the camera lens of the contemporary graffiti writer lifestyle. NOT INSTAGRAM is a photo zine made to take you off your phone. Being present in the moment is something your cellphone takes away. RAMER shows that there are still people out there getting it, living life. Photos from the road, the big city, the backwoods, the railroad tracks. Moments like these will never last. 


There is plenty of graffiti in here; action shots, stuff this crew has done, stuff that other people did, obscured graff that adds to the shot. But, I think that this is about more than the product. There are great shots of what happens in-between the spots, fitting caps on a can in the heavy snow trackside, roadtrip hotels and pallets on the floor, youth with tattoos, the beach, the lake, the desert. Being as old as I am, it makes me happy to see all of this continuing. See it for yourself & emulate. 



  • comes with two hand drawn stickers

    first edition
    56 pages, double sided color printing on glossy magazine paper, perfect bound  - 8.5" x 11"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design: RAMER - 2024
    production: A&ME - 2024
    the Longest Island in New York

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