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B. William Green is a contemporary street photographer with a focus on the marginal and contorted. He uses outdated technology in his process (point and shoot cameras, vhs, sewing machines, broken printers, etc.) and usually keeps a mysterious low-profile in real life. I met with him over ten years ago when he was living out of his truck, traveling the country meeting wierdos and taking photos. He has done the USA circuit since on Amtrak (with a photo feature in their in-house mag), freight train, and in his mind... finally settling-ish in NYC. That's where this zine come in play. 


"Not a reality but a myth" is decievingly simple at first view. It starts with a short typewritten essay about getting pulled off a freight train with a full sized vhs camera, incoherant conversations with street dwellers, drug use, and choosing life (if just for today). What follows are 23 printed stills from his vhs work, colors bleeding into each other, images depicting..


Fresh faced tourists in front of giant glass buildings with american flags, piles of human commuters waiting for a light to change, a balding postal employee brown-bagging his liquid lunch on a public bench, tired sex workers in tiny clothes smoking a cigarette, a homeless person wrapped in an advertisment for covid testing, and many more scenes that deserve a closer inspection. 


  • first edition
    24 pages, double sided color laser printing on copy paper with screenprinted cover, staple bound - 5.5" x 8.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design & production: B. William Green - 2024
    NYC, Big Apple

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