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EUPHORIA JONES has been holding down the twisted outsider graffiti lifestyle since the early 2000's. You probably have seen one of his street pseudonyms if you have lurked the stranger corners of the greater New York / New Jersey area in recent years. Imagine the booster aesthetic meets noise punk but not punk (*attitude*) distortion in the glow of an ancient xerox copier light wand. 


NEW YORK WORLD ORDER is a sampler of black and white graphic designs, referencing so many levels of fringe culture. The images just distorted enough and blown out enough that they are hard to determine the beginnings or endings. Lots of wierdo graffiti references throughout; 2Shea, Nemel, Kent, Gusto, Mookie, Beach, Mind Detergent, Dedhed, Eureka, #1K, YR. The designs are densely layered, a Grateful Dead dancing bear has a Misfits crimson ghost face, a Powell skeleton rips through an advert for the New York Housing Authority, and so many more complexly justaposed visual poems stacked in quick succession for your immersive viewing pleasure. 


  • first edition of 33 copies

    136 pages, double sided black and white printing on #60 cream colored paper, perfect bound book - 8.5" x 8.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design: EUPHORIA JONES - 2018-2019
    layout: ADAM VOID - 2024
    production: CUT IN THE FENCE - 2024

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