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The long awaited noise-folk clusterfuck from Adam Void is now available on cassette. Broken guitars, scattered electronic drum beats, and a singing southern swan weave together to make a special mix of country fried chaos and club bangers. New Depression Era Rambler was recorded during the deep paranoia of early Corona Virus government oppression and it shows. It has shades of early Beck, late Charlie Mcalister, and an out of tune radio playing "Goin' Across The Mountain". Dust filled corners erupt in tent fires fueled by the opening strains of the new depression era.

"Like a hermit popping back into civilization after a good sixty-year break, Adam Void alternates between undigested folk ditties and electric toy freakouts. He pokes and prods the newfangled equipment, jumping back and covering his face as he’s surprised by the sounds he makes. But he gets the hang of it, and the result is frequently exciting, the twelve short tracks slamming against each other in ADD glee. He’s like a hobo with a bindle full of samplers and drum machines, playing boxcars on the back tracks of Appalachia to audiences of squirrels, birds, and raccoons. Killer set!" - Ryan, Cassette Gods





SKU: 0041
  • Limited Edition of 88.
    Run Time : 11 minutes

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    sounds and images : Adam Void - 2020
    production : Cut In The Fence - 2020
    North Carolina, USA

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