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We are very excited to get our hands on a few copies of this gorgeous book from a new publisher in Spain called, Hobo Books. They bring us a survey of two writers on the forefront of the European freight train moniker movement, doing their thing on the coast of Spain. There are also a few cameos from Karso, who embodies the same introspective and raw approach to graffiti as these two. Mostly though, MUFI & ADREY introduce us to the potential of having an intimate relationship with the worldwide railroad through daily practice.

"Two Feet On A Different Ground" feels like a hybrid between the current connected moment and an ancient history, a time travel from MUFI & ADREY to their grandparents, to the men who laid the tracks, to the Romans who built huge arenas next to the Catalonian shoreline, to the first people of that land. There is something historic about writing your name and date on rolling stock. Hopefully its a rejection of complication, or just an acceptance of life.

comes with a hand drawn sticker from MUFI and/or ADREY, a printed label from Hobo Books, and a mini-zine of footnotes and translations from the book.



SKU: 0020
  • first edition of 150
    140 page double sided full color printing on glossy paper with hard bound cover - 6" x 8.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **
    No shipping outside of North America, please buy from Hobo Books

    design & production : Hobo Books - 2022
    Tarraco, España

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