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Europe is connected by a crisscrossing rail network not unlike those on the North American continent. Similarly to our leased TBOX carriers, a company called Transwaggon is toting stuff all over in metal cars covered in rust, dirt, and diesel. Emmett Edelstein has been photographing these containers for more than ten years, chronicling the monikers of MOBY. These chalk and oil pen drawings fit into the landscape much like the American monikers of old. There is a repeated, gestural icon (in this case a whales tail cresting above a set of waves). At times, there is a cursive written signature in all caps. Most of the time, there is a date marking the month and year it was created. And, sometimes there is a sign off or a second or third date where MOBY returns to their previously marked cars to renew vows.

To a moniker fan in the US, this may seem old hat. However, this zine just feels different. There is a poetic and pleasantly crazy rant from Bobby Bianchi 230 that sets the tone at the beginning. This collection is about time... it's about Melville's great white whale... it's about consistency despite the grinding of the wheels and the randomness of the cosmic hand that is dealt to you. Feel their passion.



SKU: 0039
  • first edition of 300 copies
    hand numbered
    52 page full color printing on silky thick paper with matte laminated color cover - 6.75" x 9.5"

    ** Postage paid in the USA **

    photos : Emmett Edelstein - 2011 to 2021
    production: Tucker Bag Press - 2021
    Berlin, Germany

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