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Introducing CAMEL of the GOAs; a go-getter in that hard street style representing the current look of how letters flex in the northeast corridor. Solid throws for years, stacked up on trucks, bricks, roll downs, and retaining walls. Skylines in the background. Holding the Philly multi-approach, there are plenty of trains in his diet too. Tall GATX and TBOXs, crusty hoppers, autoracks, tankers, and the ever-present trash trains. His straight-letters have a smooth and fun funk about them as well, whether in a high profile street spot or in a drainage ditch. Rounding out the mix, there are plenty of tags in here (markers & spray) along with a hand drawn sticker and a printed sticker in each issue. 


A portfolio of a writer staying active...


  • comes with a printed sticker from CAMEL & OBESE

    first edition of 100 copies, signed
    36 page black and white printing on thick nice paper with a natural cover, staple bound - 8.5" x 5.5"

    design & production : CAMEL GOA - 2023
    Philly, USA

    ** Postage paid in the US **


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