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LIFE ON THE LINES contains 100 pages of creative and inspiring photography taken by freight train riders from around the world. More specifically, there are four riders (Die8 - Sweden, Reallifeism - Canada, A_Kiwara - Europe, and Mouse - UK) sharing their photos as well as their memories in short, but high quality interviews.  Their stories are compelling for many reasons, but mostly to me it's because they display how freight hopping has become a world-wide phenomenon beyond it's American hobo roots. It's 2023, and here are four freight hoppers that are playing an extreme sport thats somewhere between urban exploration, graffiti, skateboarding, and the military. 


Their interviews cover riding trains through Mexico, Austrailia, New Zeland, Europe, North Korea, and the Pacific Northwest. Their photographs show a consistent view of panoramic immersion in nature, with large metal structures, and thick filth; a carry over regardless of what rail is being ridden. Don't hate, these guys ride super hard. Check it out. 


  • first edition of 150
    100 page double sided color printing on recycled paper, perfect bound book with velvet touch cover - 6.75" x 9.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design: GOOD TIME PEOPLE - 2023
    production: ANALOG DELINQUENTS - 2023
    Railroad Earth

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