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Just close your eyes and relax to the spinning wheel playing you some personal tunes imported from the darkest corners of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ironhorse is an excellent hybrid of Adam Void's passion for freight trains, folk music, and hobo culture, all mixed up with a twisted stick and some bog water. It's made in an edition of 50 hand crafted, lathe-cut records stacked with one-of a kind personal touch. There is a 14" x 7" high quality photoprint from the 2011 West Coast hop with Droid 907, just stuffed in there with a cryptic lyric sheet and some info on how the record was made. Listen to the sound of this crazy railfan croak out a couple more breaths of fresh air while the flesh is still warm.





SKU: 0021
  • First Edition of 50 copies, lathe-cut on clear polycarbonate with hand drawn label.
    Run Time : 6 minutes per side

    comes with signed & numbered full color photographic print, double-sided lyric sheet, and info card for FFR.

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    sounds and images : Adam Void - 2021
    production : Cut In The Fence / Funky Frankenstein Records - 2021
    North Carolina, USA

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