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It's a unique experience to cut open a zine from a vacuum sealed bag, like you would a QP of salad, or some sort of twisted Christmas present. But instead of a stinky treat, you get some rusty screws, chunks of asphalt, and a crispy beautiful handmade zine. The quality is obvious from the print quality, the paper types, the interview, and the graffiti itself. IOV / Poison Enemy takes you there; to the grimy urban decay of Nottingham, UK, but also into the mind of someone pushing graffiti into their own personal direction.

IOV is both a graffiti experimentalist and a sound manipulator who dissects and fragments the culture while assembling it into underground zines, records, and tapes. The colors, black, red, chrome push through the pieces into the paper itself. They are laid in a foundation of 90's era street graff while merging into European anti-style. Read their words, see their spray, feel their heat. IOV / Poison Enemy is a writer on the edge.

comes with random pieces of relic detritus from a tunnel in the UK



SKU: 0010
  • first edition of 70, vacuum sealed and hand numbered
    28 pages printed in full color on recycled textured paper with a red stock inlay - 6" x 8.25"

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    design : @insiders_posse - 2022
    production : Sword & Mirror - 2022
    Nottingham, UK

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