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This latest issue of Homeward Bound consists of a variety of railroad and wilderness reports from the little town of Hope, British Columbia, nestled along the mighty Fraser River and the Canadian National tracks. KWIZ has been cutting and pasting for over a year on this jewel. It's a dense zine with an old school feel that shouts legitimacy and truthfulness. A must for the railfan in everyone.

There's quick mail-in messages from tons of moniker kinfolk; Labrona, Lamps, Mpeach, Marcher Arrant, Faves and more. There's camping trips and plaid hoodies, recurve bows and bonfires, old boxcars and an eagle's head. Plenty of tattoos and coffee... and heart. Yes, overflowing with heart.



SKU: 0001
  • second edition of 50 copies, hand numbered
    100 page black and white printing on laser paper with a yellow cardstock cover, staple bound - 8.5" x 5.5"

    design : KWIZ - 2022
    production : Cut In The Fence - 2023
    BC, Canada

    ** Postage paid in the US **

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