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Gosh, I love those ancient pencil tags on telephone poles, highway railing, and bus stops. The lead just seems to stain into the metal in a special way, filling the ridged holes, seeping in and staining the metal just right. Galvanized metal contains zinc and trace elements of lead, lending to a chemical bond when tagged with pencils, keeping the marks for well... close to forever.

The people at Memory Dust have collected a special grouping of pencil tags from Providence RI, and surrounding areas, dating back to 1958. There are tons of marking from kids and adults alike, of letters and faces, band names and weed leaves to name a few. They dig even deeper into local history of the Providence Pencil Company and the Cranston Coal Mine where the supporting lead was mined. Memory Dust is a detailed local history supporting the pencil and it's role as a mark maker. Nerd the fuck out, yall.



SKU: 0017
  • comes with a Memory Dust pencil (for wrecking galvanized into the future) and three printed stickers.

    first edition of 75
    48 page color printing on magazine style paper with perfect bound cover - 5.5" x 8.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design & production : Memory Dust - 2022
    Southeastern New England, USA

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