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Yeah baby, I like it raw... and so does Burnt Bra Press. In Graffiti Arte, BBP brings us page after page of hand painted business rolldowns, civilian tags, and twisted melting cartoon characters from Mexico City. There are a few names you might know thrown in there like SEO, Amanda Wong, and ZOMBRA, but that's not what's really happening here. This zine really shows the unskilled imperfection that feels truly lawless, wild, and slightly sinister.

There are giant brushed icons of a yin yang, playboy bunnies, airbrushed freight trains, little devils, a beefed up papa smurf, a bondage mask. Did you know that Snopy <3's Garfield? Donald duck spray painting some magic mushrooms. Bart hanging Homer by a noose, and laughing gleefully. What the fuck is happening here? Where are we? "Aqui Hay"



SKU: 0038
  • first eight copies get a color printed avery label from CELOWE

    first edition of 86
    hand numbered
    32 page black & white printing on white paper with a salmon cardstock cover - 8.5" x 5.5"

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    design & production: Burnt Bra Press - 2020
    Mexico City, Mexico

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