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Do you speak the language of Freight? Do you know all their wrinkles and cracks, their oversprayed imperfections, their weathered grace? They have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles across great expanses that even the most career hobo is unable to recall. ERI captures the moments that you overlook while scanning the lines for passing pieces and oil bar markings. She cobbles them together with the eye of a designer, showcasing the subtleties in gorgeous juxtaposition.

Freight Dialogue is more than just some newbie photographing their favorite national boxcars and a cool reefer here and there. ERI goes deep on her travels to find long lost containers preserved in the desert sun. There are logos for a Super Hopper, a UP decal half removed to show an old Mo Pac stencil underneath, cursive lettering ensuring us "A smoother ride", and a hand painted wheat crest fading into brush strokes. Foamers, design buffs, and historians can wet their pants alike, dreaming of the big fish they wont catch (unless they grab this book, you know?).



SKU: 0014
  • first edition of 150
    52 page full color printing on thick matte paper with a color cover - 5.5" x 8.5"

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    design & production : Book Puppy / ERI - 2022
    The Republic of Texas, USA

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