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LAMPS is everywhere and nowhere at all, constantly moving and unable to see, but LAMPS can be seen... In this new zine, ideas are spit out, developed, countered, and then torn apart. Each page is a non-sequitur of sorts, one-liners, polaroids, doodles, and manipulations fall in line one after another. At some point, they start to make for a mental map of an obsessed but depressed creative awash in a vast confusing world. Relate?

LAMPS is part of the contemporary freight moniker world, a trained photographer, and a dedicated producer of things. Here is the most recent burst of life processed through the printed page. Get one.

>> Lamps' portion of the profits will be donated to the family of Matt Creasy - homebrew (RIP) <<
comes with printed eggshell stickers from LAMPS



SKU: 0019
  • first edition of 150
    30 page double sided black and white printing on 80lb paper with color cover - 5.5" x 8.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design : LAMPS - 2022
    production : Cut In The Fence - 2022
    Rust Belt, USA

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