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Faces N' Chases has the zine quality trifecta; it's well printed on great paper stock, it has tons of reading content (interviews with 12 artists), and strange, exciting, inspirational images. This second issue has content from loose and innovative bombers, sight-specific old school "street artists", and rooftop repelling antistylers - all rocking some form of character inspired logo by illegal means. They dig into their unique takes on graffiti and the evolution of their personal growth. Let this trigger the character bombing resurgence. Watch the streets.

This zine looks at the contemporary status of non-letter based graffiti. Their subjects vary across the globe from South Africa to the US and back over to Europe, focusing on quite a few crushers from around Greece. It helps remind us of how fun and universal character & icon graff can be when you are surrounded by a sea of letters.




SKU: 0036
  • comes with three printed stickers

    first edition of 303
    hand numbered with a unique illustration on the inside cover
    40 page full color printing on nice paper with a color printed cardstock cover - 5.75" x 8.25"

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    design & production: Faces N' Chases - 2020
    Athens, Greece

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