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This Spring/Summer '23 issue has plenty of sprayed graffiti panels, wholecars, monikers, and lots of unpainted foamer photos of beautiful engines, new boxcars, and ancient rust buckets. The photos are not just closeups of graffiti, even through there are some edited that way. What DERAIL excels at is the strange mood shots of diverging tracks, derailments, photos from the repair shops, and oddball paint schemes. This issue has a great interview with bencher, @found.on.the.tracks, who works on the rails in the Chicago-land area and shares his pasion for trains in an eager and very normal kinda way.


DERAIL Freight Zine is basically a US-wide bench report from the yards, layups, and abandoned tracks throughout the freight train network. Many of these photographers show their work on Instagram, but save the juicy bits for this seasonal compilation zine. It's assembled in a loud in-your-face punk graphic design style, with rapid fire images layered up over the packed 50 pages. Threre's always a lot to see here, which makes it a good zine for reading over and over again.



  • comes with a hand drawn sticker from IMPEACH, and a printed sticker & two postcards from DERAIL

    limited edition of 100 copies
    50 pages double sided full color printing on slick paper with a velvety cardstock cover - 8.5" x 5.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design & production : Derail Freight Zine - 2022
    Railroad Earth, USA

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