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Derail Freight Zine collects bench reports from across North America's railroad crossed countryside. Its the perfect mix of foamer freight fan photos of rare paint engines and graffiti covered panels, wholecars, and monikers. The variety of photographers create a mixed bag of featured styles; teched-out spiky clean pieces, clear text Ichabod end to ends, and well-flexed straight letters from Zink WH, with a ghostly Sento tag hovering above. The flicks are well lit, scenic, and picturesque like how trains should be seen.

There are so many nice details here, including a detailed worker stencil on a retired Union Pacific caboose, photos of long loads crossing curved trestles high above the hillside, and a bright orange Central Oregon & Pacific engine getting fueled up. At the end of the zine, they even do a feature on the Rail Practitioners art show at Flight Gallery. If you couldn't make it out to San Antonio last year, this can bring you a small taste of the work from buZ blurr, Bill Daniel, Erika Muth, and more. All of this plus all the extras in the pack, make this a easy score. Pick one up.



SKU: 0016
  • comes with a couple of printed stickers, a postcard, and a cool patch from @the_notorious_lens_junkies

    limited edition of 100 copies
    56 page double sided full color printing on slick paper with a velvety cardstock cover - 8.5" x 5.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design & production : Derail Freight Zine - 2022
    Railroad Earth, USA

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