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DEFENSE reads as a scattered comic adventure of NOXER's main graffiti character, Blackman, a Batman infulenced, kingly alter-ego of the writer himself. There are panels of done-up priority mail stickers, the next page is that same throw done as a spray outline on a JMZ platform, then a metrocard with another fill in on it. All this interspersed with a delightfully strange sequential piece where Blackman goes bombing, drops his phone, and has to get it back from a crazed truck driver. Not telling you how it ends. 


If this was it, we'd still have a hit on our hands. However, there are quite a few pages of original drawings as part of the zine. It's signed and numbered in an edition of 27 copies, and it has a sweet little embossing on the front cover. DEFENSE is a work of art from a cutting edge NYC graffiti writer who has made an impact in over four decades of defense. NOXER DOD since '89.


  • comes with a printed sticker and a hand drawn sticker

    first edition of 27 copies
    signed, embossed, hand numbered, multiple original drawings included
    88 pages, double sided color printing on white paper, staple bound  - 7" x 5.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design & production: NOXER DOD (TFP XTC 907) - 2024
    Brooklyn, NY

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