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B.B. Press has been an excellent culture illuminator/importer, of which this zine is a fine example. CONTRABANDO by the 3XL art collective brings an imbedded perspective on Mexico City's back alleys and exciting night life. Full color photos from Metal Spirit, Jose "Fantasia Perfecta", and MU "Ojo Pelon" illustrate a young chaotic viewpoint from the three-eyed monster.


Punk shows and pinatas. Spidery black metal lettering next to life sized throwies on rolldowns. There are names you know, like Remio, Hype, Katsu, Papi, and Mugre. There are also giant blown out fan tip fills, metal etch tags, and civilian scrawls. Broken teeth and crooked cops. Hardcore places and inner peace.  


  • comes with two printed stickers from BBP
    hand numbered, first edition of 100

    72 page double sided color printing on matte paper, staple bound - 5.5" x 8.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    photos : 3XL / Metal Spirit, Fantasia Perfecta, Ojo Pelon - 2023
    production : Buen Bandito Publicationes - 2023
    SF / CDMX

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