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For those who have never lurked a train yard, this is how it feels. Tall shadows from looming steel giants, faded & blown out tags, relics of a recent past, tight squeezes between lines, and fresh pungent aerosol fill the air. JIMBOE goes deep into his local haunt daily, with camera in hand. Instead of snapping iphone flicks of big name panels, he has been capturing something much more difficult, the mood.

There are glimpses of sign offs from Ichabod and the Circle T kids, as well as streaks from Theory, Ghouls, Lamps, Tex Goth, Retribalize and more. But, this zine is not about the north country's crushers or all those monikers that seem to be growing by the minute. Cold New England Steel is just that; freezing cold trains and loneliness. One day when they either get a homeland security lockdown on all freight, or when you call it quits and submit to the neurolink, this could be a lasting reminder of the freight graffiti phenomenon. This, only if you grab it while you can.

comes with a printed sticker, and three hand drawn eggshells from JIMBOE



SKU: 0045
  • second edition of 30, hand numbered
    47 page double sided full color printing on laser stock with full color cardstock cover - 8.5" x 5.5"
    each copy has a hand drawn simple by ol' JIMBOE

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    design & production: JIMBOE YL - 2020
    New England, USA

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