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Slept on in the States... now wake up. CITY FUCK has been consistently putting out solid chunks of print updates for what's happening in Germany and Europe beyond. In this eighth edition, clean train S-Bahn ride next to army-clad freight monsters. All walls are crushed including sections on blockbusters, bandos, and hall of fame spots. The styles are giant and futuristic, spindly anti-style blowouts, high tech wildstyles, and bubbly crew initials. They even got a section focusing on Bulgarian passenger trains.

There are so many inspirations on each page. Names are clearly photographed and reproduced in high res color. Layouts vary from full spreads and blocked out pieces, to landscapes and collages. The eye will feast for years on hidden letter flexes, forgotten color combos, and one-shot backgrounds. Use this as a reference book for college classes. No discount for bulk purchases.

comes with two City Fuck printed stickers, a really interesting 12" x 17" City Fuck poster by CEEH, and a crazy illustrated graff, cars, money, and sex zine called Formula One by TEILE.



SKU: 0002
  • first edition of 400 copies, hand numbered
    132 page full color laser printing on laser paper, hand stamped & numbered, perfect bound - 6.5" x 9.5"

    design & production: CITY FUCK - 2022
    Hamburg, Germany

    ** Postage paid in the US **
    ** Domestic shipping only for this one ** Too heavy for oceans :)

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