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CASSETTE TAPES reads as a celebration of the esoteric; 96 reviews of obsolete analog media from 1970 to today. There are old school mixtapes, contemporary DIY releases, limited edition home recorded noise, and gems from the heyday of 80's and 90's underground. The layout is typical for Adam Void, with cramped pages cut and pasted together, photocopy greyfades, typewriter text and shaky scrawled messages. The whole thing was made without computer aid (excepting the printing process). 


The tapes themselves and their cover art are just as important as the words. All of the tapes come from Adam Void's extensive collection, with many of them being home dubbed on vintage blanks, sporting handmade collaged covers that could be unique works of art that are never seen except when being played. Its highly obsessive. There are LOTS of them packed in here (and it just scrapes the surface). So many stacked up, that this is a solid book, bound properly and ready for your shelf. 


  • first edition of 100
    98 page double sided black and white printing on matte paper, perfect bound - 5.5" x 8.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design: ADAM VOID - 2024
    production: CUT IN THE FENCE - 2024
    Wayout Here, USA

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