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Carvings... is the third civilian graffiti zine from the marginal thinker, Adam Void. It catalogs hundreds of names, initials, dates, and hearts carved into the support wood of a CCC era trail shelter and a dilapidated gazebo located in the mountains of North Carolina. There is a map on how to get there to see them yourself, and some backstory on the "We were here" colonial phenomenon of fucking other people's shit up in natural spaces. The final product is rather beautiful and romantic, prompting readers to get themselves a good jack knife and go make a memory.

There are plenty of names from the 80's and 90's here, along with '00 and '10 era scratchies. The texture of the wood is emphasized through high contrast printing, making the deep or shallow character of the carvings a feature in the image. Some with smoothed over edges from fingers tracing them for decades, others with bolts and knots protruding. Craggy Gardens (NC) is a must have for outsider graff connoisseurs.



SKU: 0044
  • first edition of 100
    embossed, stamped, and numbered
    40 page black & white printing on yellow paper with a 4 page insert on blue paper and an ivory cardstock cover - 8" x 8"

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    design: Adam Void - 2020
    production: Cut In The Fence - 2021
    North Carolina, USA

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