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What an amazing ride. Here is the tenth and final issue of the cult classic Analog Delinquents zine series. Ten issues in two years, spanning the extreme edges of defiant underground cultures, all photographed in stunning natural film-based clarity and style. This issue (and all back issues) quickly sold out as soon as it came to market in Europe. We were holding on to a handful for the heads on this side of the ocean. Now's your chance.

This issue features images and a short interview from 5 photographers, each with their own defined style and intimate subject matter. You are witnessing surreal architectural graffiti spots, disaffected inner-city youth, paint spattered kicks, massive social unrest, sunburst warmth on technicolor painted freights, and grow rooms packed to the walls. Aspiring photographers need to know.



SKU: 0012
  • first edition of 100 copies
    64 page double-sided color printing on glossy laser paper - A5

    ** Postage paid in the USA **

    design : @nofaceforgetit & - 2020
    production : Analog Delinquents - 2020

    UK and beyond...

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