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Just like the mirror of the big city, this zine delicately smashes together many graffiti inspirations into a thick haze of faces and shapes. Airbrushed textures mingle with brush painted smiles. Jagged brick stacks drip into doodled water splashes and outreached arms. Brings to mind Thomas Campbell's Ugly Casanova illustrations mixed with proto versions of Ray Fong doodles. A glorious cluster of ideas.

An Unquiet Mind does not have any graffiti in specific, but it pushes toward this reference point at every turn. It suggests smashing the state as much as designing bedspreads for Ikea. This zine lives between worlds in a fine way, like many of us do.



SKU: 0003
  • comes with a postcard and a printed sticker from NICK Z

    second edition of 28 copies, hand numbered
    23 page full color printing on thick paper, staple bound - 8.5" x 5.5"

    design & production: NICK ZAREMBA - 2022
    Northeastern, USA

    ** Postage paid in the US **

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