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All good things must come to an end sometime. Issue #50 marks the final issue of this long running graffiti zine from undreground art legend, Ian Vanek. He's been photographing graffiti and packaging it as 99mm for over 30 years. Every issue followed the same philosophy; no advertisments, independantly published and distributed, and only featuring illegal graffiti. We don't know of another graff zine that compares to this track record. 


As for the zine itself, its pretty solid. Lots of dirty throws, and grilled vans. Rows of hollows are given as much love as giant blockbusters. Crushed doorways and stickers are paired with giant lean-down rollers. The blue risograph printing on pink paper gives it a botique feel while maintaining the grittiness of a photocopied zine. There are a few writing sections where Ian recalls his early inspirations in graffiti, zine, and punk culture. They help serve as a breadcrumb trail for those who were not there in the 90's, plenty to research and seek out. 


99mm will be missed. Thank you, Ian, for all the work on this zine, on the streets, and in the culture at large. We look forward to seeing what's next. 


  • first edition of 100
    26 page double sided royal blue risograph printing on pink paper - 5.5" x 8.5"

    ** Postage Paid in the USA **

    design & production: IAN VANEK - 2023
    West Coast, USA

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