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Windy City bedroom synth-pop from a wierdo graffer to remain unnamed. If you have a heart and care about your soul, you will go to your nearest thrift store to get a tape player for this here release. Pawn your car and get a old beater with a cassette deck stereo to go on your dream road trip with this blaring at 11 volume in the speakers. Whatever you have to do, just listen to these sounds from this recluse savant. His name is irrelevant. You haven't even been to that drainage ditch, and even if you made it there, you couldn't read the name. Cross your eyes like a magic eye with these tunes lifting you into the cold Midwest. Songs about hopping trains across the Highline - purely transcendental. 

(2019 - 2021) - CHARLIE S.

  • second edition of 10, with embellished j-cards
    60 minute cassette tape with hand drawn labels - C60

    ** Postage paid in the US **

    design & production : CHARLIE S. - 2022
    Chicago, USA

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